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Welcome to the Family!

Fill the New Card and Bring it to the info booth located in the church’s patio

Or text the word “Welcome” to (619) 536-0006. We just want to be in touch with you, and inform you of upcoming events. Bottom line is that we want to start a relationship with you if that is your desire


Meet the Pastors

The pastors usually hang out at the church’s patio on purpose to make themselves available to you. You are not bothering them, and they are not too busy for you. Stop by the patio to say “hi”, they will love to get to meet you.


Find a Group

When we have a life-changing experience with the Holy Spirit we are forgiven, we are adopted, we receive eternal life, and we are inserted into God’s family. It’s a new community that God places us in. It’s an imperfect community but it’s filled with people that also had their lives changed by God and are in the transformation process, just like you are. Find a group to start living in Christian Community. Click here to Find a Group


Make it a habit Attending Church

Not because it’s a rule but because you want to start the week in God’s presence, grow your faith, serve your church family, and be in community with other followers of Christ


Attend a Church Event

Click here to find upcoming events the church is hosting