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Basic – Faith that makes an impact

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Life Group Questions

4 key elements to focus in the first week of life group: Ice Breaker, share the vision church multiplication, discussion about Sunday’s sermon and a time for “share and pray”

  1. This is the first week of a new season. Take this opportunity to do an ice breaker. An idea would be “tell us about yourself” How old, where are you from, married/single, what are you studying/work, how long have been a Christian, most embarrassing situation you’ve been in … (This is just an idea, have a better one? Use it! The point is to get to know one another, break the ice, and MAKE IT FUN)
  2. Talk about the OB ONE vision of multiplying churches, what is the kitchen and fellowship remodel have to do with it.  (Watch the sermon again. Joe explains it in the first 6 minutes. If you have any questions please contact me so I can clarify anything before you share the vision with your life group.) Or if you prefer play from a laptop or tablet the first 6 minutes of the sermon.
  3. In few words what did you learn from Sunday’s sermon and what are you going to change in your life in response to the word of God?
  4. Read Nehemiah 2:1-10 and talk about how Nehemiah was bold in the midst of his fear. How is fear keeping you from being bold?
  5. Read chapter 3 and talk about how everyone serving God was be required to make an eternal impact. Note how the people building the wall were not expert wall builders, they were just willing to do whatever it took to bring an eternal impact. The same way it will require all of us working together to get our 2nd church going to bring a greater eternal impact here in San Diego. (Read also Romans 12:3-8 and Ephesians 4:16)
  6. Take 15 – 20 minutes for share and pray. Ask people to share in 1 minutes how can the group pray for them. (Ask: In 1 word how is work, family, spiritually, and is there anything we can help?) The “share” part happens with entire group, then pray for one another. (Break in groups of 3 for the prayer section if you want and ask every person to pray for the other 2 in group) Always remind people if they are not comfortable praying out loud for others, that is OK also. Just ask that they would let the group of 3 know about it. (Sharing 15 minutes, praying 5)
Julian Malotti