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Life Group Announcements
  1.  Men’s breakfast is this Saturday from 6:30 to 8am. The cost is $3
Life Group Questions
1.     How did the Holy Spirit speak to you during the entire service?
2.     Do you consider yourself to be Holy Spirit driven?  Define what that means. 
3.     Read Acts 10:9-22.  What was God trying to teach Peter?  What box was God trying to break that Peter had that was preventing the Holy Spirit to move.
4.     Do you consider yourself to have God in a box?  If so what box do you have him?  For instance, maybe you believe God doesn’t do miracles anymore?  Maybe you believe God only loves you if you perform well?  Take some time and think…what are your boxes.  Truthfully we all have many boxes and some of you have bunkers that need bombing…
5.     Read Acts 10:9 and Acts 10:19-21.  What did Peter do?  How did Peter break his box and allow the Holy Spirit to move?
6.     What does it look like to listen to the Holy Spirit?  How do we practically do that?
7.     Peter not only listened but obeyed.  It took a leap of faith to obey the Holy Spirit.  In the same way it will take a leap of faith to obey the Holy Spirit in our life.  Are you willing to do this?  What might this look like? 
8.     Spend some time praying for one another and an outpouring to the Holy Spirit.
Julian Malotti