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Breakthrough Worship

By March 15, 2015March 25th, 2015No Comments

Life Group Discussion:

Breakthrough Worship

Last Sunday, we learned about the incredible power of our habits, our creative nature, and defining ourselves as worshippers.

1. What portion of the sermon spoke to you the most?

2. Discuss your habits and how they affect your relationships with people & with Jesus.

3. Are you creative?

5. What atmospheres in your life need the culture of heaven the most?

6. What habits can you form to leverage your creative power to influence those cultures in need of change?

7. How can the group help you to reinforce the habits that most need attention in your life?

8. What dynamics in your home need a culture shift?

9. What are some negative effects you have experienced from the creative power of others in your personal life?

10. Are you a worshipper?

11. How many people in this life group commit to making a habit of showing up early to church to pray and create a worship culture in our church that reflects the culture of heaven each Sunday?

Julian Malotti