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Life Group Announcements

  1. Youth bake sale in Next Sunday. Bring some cash to help the youth camp coming up in February.
  2. Family Class will be in 2 Sundays (January 31st) right after 2nd service in the Venue. For more info please email Christina@
  3. In the First Friday of Every Month Davis is hosting a hangout at OB One Cafe. The next one will be February 5th 8pm.

Life Group Questions

  1. (God Helps us in our thought life – Every action begins in a thought, so God is wants to help us in the source) Read Colossians 3:1-2 and talk about the difference between setting our minds & hearts on God versus setting our minds on earthly things. (Leader’s note: When we set our minds on things of this world it produces fear, when we bring our h=fears to God, we are living life by faith and peace is a result of it)
  2. (God helps us in our BEHAVIOR) Colossians 3:5-10. Putting to death the evil/sinful things of the flesh is a process because v10 says we are “being” made in the image of Christ. But the good news is that it is POSSIBLE with God. What are some bad behaviors that God has helped you put to death, and what are some things you still struggle with. (The struggle categories in the text were: Sexual, money (greed), anger, speech (lies, slander), forgiveness.)
  3. (God gives victory over sin by giving us self control) Do you understand the difference between temptation and sin? (Note to leader: It’s OK to be tempted, Jesus was also, but what God gives to us is the power of the Holy Spirit to have self control and not act on our evil desires)
  4. How do you measure your relationship with God? The spiritual disciplines like reading the Word and praying become useless if it’s not resulting in a close relationship with God. Have you ever felt spiritually dry even though you were having your disciplines? if so, why you think that is?
  5. V14 and 15 tells us to put on Love (Put on God). When do you feel God the closest to you? How do you commune with God to “put on God”?
Julian Malotti