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Bless This Home


By May 31, 2020No Comments
  1. How would your family relationships be different if you spent more time seeking to understand than trying to be understood? What listening skills do you appreciate most? Do you tend to assume or ask questions to understand better?
  2. Do you speak the same “language” as your family members? Do you know your love language? How about THEIR love language?
  3. Is it easier for you to talk to someone in conflict or talk about them? Is your goal when communicating more often reconciliation or “winning”?
  4. Read Prov. 15:4. How can you speak life into your home?
  5. Has God ever helped you NOT say careless words? Talk about a time you were able to hold back the hurtful words and speak positively instead? Psalm 141:3
  6. Do you speak life to yourself, or do you struggle with negative self talk?
Julian Malotti