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Reckless Love

Don’t be robbed of your Purpose

By November 28, 2017No Comments

Life Group Questions 

  1. The Bible talks about the main 5 purposes of life and they are: (ask people to take notes. This may be the 1st time they hear about the 5 main purposes of life)
    1. To have a personal relationship with God – Bible call it worship
    2. To grow in our character and become more like Jesus each and every day – Bible calls it discipleship (Make disciples)
    3. To be in community with other believers for mutual encouragement, mutual honesty, confession, growth, to give and receive love, … – The Bible calls it fellowship
    4. To serve God by serving people – The Bible calls it ministry
    5. To tell others about God’s amazing love – The Bible calls it evangelism
    6. Question / Conversation topic: Are you growing in these 5? Let’s talk about it.
  2. Sunday we Read Matthew 4:1-11  when Satan was trying to convince Jesus not to go to the cross by offering other plans. The enemy does not want us to fulfill our purpose.
    1. He doesn’t want us to be close to God – He tempt us then if we fall he attacks us with guilt & shame
    2. Then he attacks our fellowship. Because when we are feeling shame & guilt we tend to isolate. Don’t do that, chose confession and repentance instead.
    3. Then the enemy does not want us to grow, to serve, and to tell others about God. In doing so he tries to ROB us of fulfilling our purpose. Let’s talk about this.
  3. MARK 4:13-20 when Jesus explains the parable of the sower he gives 4 reasons we also are robbed of our purpose
    1. Ignoring the call of God to worship, grow, serve, be in community and tell others
    2. When we serve God with the wrong motivation that we will not go through troubles as a Christian. If that is the motivation when troubles come we give us. “God is not working for me”
    3. When we live life trying to impress people more than God – Persecution because of the word
    4. The deceitfulness of wealth becomes a priority and God’s purposes go on the back burner.
  4. Pastor Julian said that we don’t need to chose 1 or the other meaning, good grades or serve Jesus, career or to serve Jesus, take care of the family and serve Jesus, save for retirement or serve Jesus…. WE SHOULD BE DOING BOTH but with the focus on the kingdom of God. Let’s talk about it.


Julian Malotti