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Elephants in the Room – Grace vs Performance

By August 25, 2013April 21st, 2020No Comments

Questions for Life Group

  1. Would you like to share your notes from Sunday?

  2. Read John 15:1-5 and talk about how can Christians produce good fruit?

  3. Read John 14:15 and talk about the order of loving and obeying. Which one comes first?

  4. Talk about the similarities of a loving relationship in marriage and loving relationship with God. Do we do things to our spouse  just because we need to follow a bunch of marriage rules, or because we do them because we love him/her? Why should it be any different with God?

  5. What is your tendency; To fall into the religious mindset that your performance is better than most, and to think you are a better Christian than most? Or you feel that your performance is never good enough which makes you very disappointed with yourself and feeling guilty most of the time?

  6. Do you see praying, reading the Bible, worshiping, and fasting like something that you should do every day because that is what Christians do, or something you do to know God and love Him more?
Julian Malotti