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Breakthrough: Forget Gods Plan For Your Future

By February 9, 2015No Comments

Life Group Leader Announcements 

  • Feel free to review the sermon in 5 minutes. Open the Bible read the main passage, then summarize the Sunday teaching. This should take not be longer than 7 minutes. This is an opportunity for someone that was not able to come to church Sunday to be included in the conversation and NOT feel left out. AVOID going to long since the life group environment is a PARTICIPATORY environment and NOT a classroom.
  • Be creative on how to foster an environment where people are learning to listen to, and to get close to the Holy Spirit. Model it to the group by doing a group activity like: Lead a quiet time to give the Holy Spirit time to be heard, time praying together, make a circle and put a chair in the center and pray for the person sitting in the center chair, worship together (It’s recommended to sing songs that we sing at the church because People know the lyrics.), teach about fasting and lead the group in a partial group fast (1 meal in a specific day. If you need more info on fasting do not hesitate to email pastor Julian). Another idea is have someone share a testimony on how the Holy Spirit is talking to them.

Life Group Questions

1.     Read Acts 8:26-40.  How did the sermon minister to you?  What Did God say to you?
2.     Pastor Joe said a radical statement to “Forget God’s plan for your life!  But instead focus on God’s plan for you today.”  Do you agree or disagree?  How often has God told you His long-term plan versus His short term will?
3.     If we read in Acts 6 Philip was already serving as a deacon (means a servant) to the church.  Now in Acts 8 God is calling Philip on a mission trip.  The success and breakthrough of the power of the Holy Spirit in Philip’s life was largely due to his availability to be used by God.  We see this in countless examples through out the Bible.  Discuss times that God moved powerfully in your life because you were simply available?  Or talk about times you feel that you have missed out on God’s miracles because you were not available?  Would you say you are available to be used by God now?
4.     Philip not only was available to be used by God but he was obedient to be used by God.  Philip did not place stipulations on God or try to change God’s directions.  He simply obeyed and God moved miraculously.   What is keeping you from obeying God’s call in your life today?
5.     Read Acts 8:29.  Here we read that the Spirit told Philip… and Philip obeyed immediately not later.  Philip did not show partial or delayed obedience but immediate obedience.  But in order for Philip to obey he had to hear.  How can we or do you hear God?   (Life group leaders please stress the key that anything from God will ALWAYS line up with scripture.  It will never contradict).
6.     Take some time (20-30 minutes or more listening to some praise music and having time of group prayer.  For new groups this may seem a little awkward so feel free to discuss this exercise with the group and see what they feel comfortable with.   Then Discuss what God was saying to you today.

Bibles verses Read this Sunday 

Acts 8:26-40
Matthew 6:34
Julian Malotti