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Game Plan

Game Plan 2014 – I Got Good News

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Life Group Questions

  1. Start with prayer, and if your group likes to worship, do that. I personally like to worship 2 songs myself because during worship I disconnect from my day to be present with God and the group. Play a worship CD or ask someone that plays an instrument to lead worship. (10 minutes)
  2. IF YOU HAVE NEW PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUP DO A 3 MINUTES PER PERSON ICEBREAKER-  An idea would be “In 3 minutes tell us about yourself How old, where are you from, married/single, what are you studying/work, how long have been a Christian. What is your most embarrassing story?”  (This is just an idea, have a better one? Use it! The point is to get to know one another, break the ice, and MAKE IT FUN) (3 min per person. About 30-40 minutes total)
  3. Let’s talk about message Sunday. What did you learn Sunday that stood out the most? Any Bible verses God used to speak to you? Ask the group if they brought their notes. (10-15 minutes)
  4. In 1 Corinthians 15:3-6 Paul summarizes the good news. Let’s read this passage and talk about the 3 parts of the “good news”, and why each one of these 3 parts so important.
  5. Evangelism can be done many ways. You can invite people to church, leave a note to restaurant server, start conversations, ask if people go to church or believe in God, insert a Bible verse in your email signature or facebook wall, in other words be more intentional. What are some creative ideas that we can use to evangelise people around us. If you are sharing your faith in any way right now, what has worked for you and why? (15 minutes)
  6. Let’s challenge ourselves to evangelise at least one person this following week? I am going to bring it up again next week to check how we did this week as far as sharing our faith? Go around asking people “Are you in?”
  7. Talk to the group about doing some type of evangelism together as a group this life group season. Maybe going to Balboa park, downtown, seaport village, a park or beach on a weekend to share God’s love and our faith. Ask about ideas, try to put a day in the calendar. (One life group last season made a sign and went to a public place on Saturday with a sign that said something like “How can we pray for you?” Many people asked for prayer, many conversations with all kinds of different people were started. Get someone with gift of evangelism to coordinate and get the group fired up with this project)
  8. Moment of share and pray. Ask group, “In few words, how are you, walk with God, your family, your health, how is work?” (Let people share, your job as a leader at this section is time management. If someone is taking too long, graciously interrupt them.) Break up in groups of 2s or 3s and pray specifically for one another’s prayer request. (30 minutes)
  9. Before closing get the group together again and say to the group “Let pray now as a group for boldness so that we can be more intentional about sharing our faith, also to pray for the unchurched people around us, and for God to open up divine appointments and opportunities for you to share about His love this week.  (5 minutes)
Julian Malotti