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God is better than you think

Identity Before Behavior

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Life Group Help Notes (Please compose your own questions)

Life group questions 6/22/18

Identity, purpose, and destiny

1. We’ve allowed our behavior to define our identity instead of allowing our identity define our behavior.

2. We are learning to walk in our new identity.

3. Now we are not sinners now in Christ. We are now saints. Our identity in Christ we now stuggle with sin as saints. Nor sinners trying to get it right. We are new creations in Christ.

4. Do not look at yourself as you once did.

5. Your identity is a saint in Christ, your purpose is to bring heaven down, your destiny is to reign with Christ.

6. Satan does not want us to realize who we are in Christ. To rob our identity, and our purpose.

7. Peter says after the great catch I am a sinful man. But Jesus said, I will make you Fisher of men.

8. We will not succeed every time as the kid learning to walk. But we’ll continue to move forward.

9. Who Jesus is is the most important thing to understand. The second is who you are in Christ.

10. Humility is not diminishing who you are, your identity, but putting others needs first.

11.  Romans 5:17 Jesus took back what Adam and Eve lost.

12. Nor riches or poverty are holy. Jesus is holy.

13. Our destiny to reign starts in our internally. Reign in our minds, reign our thoughts.

14. Everytime you visit your past, you are visiting a lie and deception of Christ to rob you from your identity and purpose.

15. John 17:20-26 – we are in God and God is in you. Sinner saved by grace is an excuse for our behavior. Don’t diminish God by saying I am a sinner, imperfect. Why then God called us to be perfect as He is perfect.

16. God loves us as much as He loves Jesus.

17. Jesus purchased our past. They are not yours. I am going to use your past for my glory.

Julian Malotti