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Joy From Our New Identity

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Life Group Announcements:

  1. Continue to pray for Pastor Joe Houser as he takes extended time off to focus on his health, family, and relationship with God.
  2. Divorce care will be a weekly seminar and help support group that will help those heal from the hurt and reality of divorce. It will be a 13-week class starting Saturday, September 8th at 9 AM and then Wednesdays after that (starting September 12th) from 6:30-7:30 PM. The class will meet in the church office entrance and child care will be available upon request. Cost is $25. Please see church site for registration details.
  3. Church baptism and potluck September 8th, 11 AM-2 PM. Please bring a side dish/desert. The location will be De Anza Cove: 2948 N. Mission Bay Dr. There are unfortunately no dogs allowed per the beach rules and we could be fined if anyone decides to still bring them. Please see church site for more details.
  4. Starting September 27th, from 6:30-8:30 PM, there will be a class on prophecy to include growing in listening to God as well as learning more about the prophetic gift. It will be a 7-week class taught by Jamie Weston. Please see church site for registration details.

Life Group Questions:

Speaker: Pastor Julian Malotti

Sermon Series: Joy!

Joy From Our New Identity

  1. We read in Philippians 1:1 that Paul addressed the Christians as “saints” in Philippi. These were not “holier than thou” perfect people, in fact they were just another church like OB One! Pastor Julian reminded us that we too are holy saints because of Christ!What are the advantages of constantly reminding ourselves that we are actually holy priests, saints, and pure before God, and not defined by our pasts? (Hint: see 1 Peter 2:9 and Romans 8:1-2).What are the disadvantages of not remembering this in our lives, especially in difficult circumstances?
  2. We were reminded that although God sees us as holy and blameless (because we are in His Son Christ), we still have to go through the process and grow in holiness (Philippians 2:12).Discuss some ways that we can grow in holiness. For instance, what are some ways to spiritually stretch ourselves? (Think of Pastor Julian’s story of the surfers being jerks to him on the ocean, but he responded in patience).What are some personal experiences you have had and what was the outcome? Did you experience joy when you “grew in holiness?”
  3. A second thing we saw in the main text was Paul’s joy over the partnership he had with the church while he was away in prison. Pastor Julian defined it one way by saying, “We are going towards the hurting.”What are some ways as a church that we can partner with our pastors/leaders the way the Philippians did with Paul?At the same time, what are some ways we can partner with each other, one-on-one, throughout the week? Month? Year?
  4. Partnership in the gospel requires us to not grow weary (tired) while doing good (Galatians 6:9).Are you often tempted to give up? What are some common negative things (lies) Satan and his demons will tell us, or maybe we tell ourselves, that makes it tempting to give up on ourselves and those around us?What are some good ways to fight these lies and to help others around us to continue persevering? Share some personal testimonies.
  5. Lastly, we read about the confidence that Paul had because he knew that God was going to complete His good work within that church. In the same way, the same God who began a good work in that church has begun a good work in OB One and will complete it as well!Are you resting in this same promise that God will complete your salvation and holiness process here on Earth? Does this result in joy? How can we help others to have joy in that process?
    Bible Verses Read Sunday:
  • Philippians 1:1-7
Brandon Follin