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Life Group Announcements 

  1. OB One is looking for people to be a part of the outreach team. The team will be in charge of brainstorming, planning, and coordinating the outreach ministry at OB One, in order to impact thousands and impact millions. If you are interested email us at outreach@
  2. The Guy’s weekend is in 3 weeks. We will be meeting at church Friday 19th at 6pm, carpool to Julian, CA and stay until Saturday 5 pm. We should be back in San Diego by 7pm. The cost is $50. Please register at church’s website, and pay at the OB One cafe. Make sure you put in check’s memo “Guy’s weekend”

Life Group Questions 

1.     How did this sermon speak to you?
2.     Read Philippians 2:1-8.  Do you feel that you treat and love others as Christ modeled for us according to this passage?  What might you do to grow in this area?
3.     Read Colossians 3:18-19 & Ephesians 5:21-33.  Do you view submission as a negative if so why? 
4.     How does God view submission?  (Is submission a position of inequality and degradation or a position of love and service?).  How did Christ model submission?
5.     Read Ephesians 5:21 again.  How are wives to submit to their husbands and how are husbands to submit to their wives? If you are single in what ways are you to submit to others?
6.     What fears do you have in submission?  What does the Bible say about those fears?
7.     Jesus says in John 13:35 that the world will know that we are His disciples by the love we show one another.  The truth is that it is not until we learn to love as Christ loved will we be able to impact as Christ made an impact.  Spend some time praying for each other and for your relationships that we may learn to love as Christ loved in the circle of influence that Christ placed us in.
8. Pray for one another
Julian Malotti