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Life Group questions —Maintaining the Course

1.      Does anyone have a testimonies of how God moved in your life this week?
2.     How did the Holy Spirit speak to you during this week and on Sunday service?
3.     What do you find defines you self-image most?  For instance, what defines your value, morality, and relationships and purpose?
4.     Read Genesis 1:26-28.  This passage states you are made in the image of God.  Why did God make you in His image?  How does that truth affect your life and vision of yourself?  Think about your intrinsic value, morality, and relational aspect of your being and purpose. 
5.     Read again Genesis 1:26.  Consider the fact that God gave us His image “So That” we can rule over creations.  Remember the meaning for rule is to also represent.  We see the same truth re-realized in 2 Corinthians 5:16-21.  In that passage our identity is renewed and our purpose is renewed.  So what does this look like and how does this affect our purpose today as a church as for yourself as an individual?
Julian Malotti