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#NoFilter- Worship

By July 28, 2013April 21st, 2020No Comments
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Topics for life group:
If worship means to fix or attach a value to something, spend some time saying how good God is. Testify to things God has done recently and things he has done in your past.

  1. What are some “filters” that have influenced your definition of “Worship”?
    1. experiences
    2. denominational
    3. Personal preference.
    4. Cultural
  2. What is your purpose?
    1. Why has God set us free?
    2. what does that practically look like for you?
    3. what things In your life need to be placed in the right priority?
  3. What definitions of worship were you most surprised by?
  4. in what ways have you criticized genuine worship?
  5. Is your dignity or people’s impressions of you keeping you from growing in your worship?
  6. What are some ways we try to control the Holy Spirit or make him fit our filters?
  7. Outside of music, what are some ways you personally can creatively communicate the value of God?
Julian Malotti