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Overcomer Pt. 4

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Life Group Questions:

1. Overcoming a distressed heart

Luke 8:11, 14
Throw my worries to God
   -Has worry ever choked the “overcoming heart” in you or prevented your spiritual growth? What happened?
-Describe a time when you were able to throw your worries on God. How did that feel and what were you able to overcome?
2. Overcoming a distracted heart
Luke 8:14
Know when to quit
-Have you ever tried to serve God AND money? What was the result of that attempt?

   -Is there anything else that distracts your heart?
-How can God help you to live with contentment instead of pursuing more?
3. Overcoming a drifting heart
Luke 8:13

Tune into Truth
-What kinds of things cause your heart to drift away from God and His message?
   -Everyone has doubts or times of drifting. What can you do to keep your attention carefully on God’s Truth?

   -How can you step up your intake of God’s Word one notch this week or this month?

4. Overcoming a difficult heart
Luke 8:12
Go low (Be humble)

   -How might you gain or regain God’s power to humbly love people, especially those who are different or difficult?

   -If we don’t show God’s love to others, who will?

A good heart

Luke 8:15
   -While we can all struggle with each heart from time to time. Which heart do you feel God wants you to overcome in your life right now? Pick one to work on.
-What’s one thing you can do today to cooperate with God in cultivating a good heart for God’s message of love and overcoming?

Bible verses we read Sunday:

  1. Luke 8:11, 14
  2. Luke 8:14
  3. Luke 8:13
  4. Luke 8:12
  5. (A good heart) Luke 8:15
Samuel Rulli