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The Armor of God


By September 8, 2014April 21st, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions:

  1. What stood out to you in this sermon?  How was/is the Holy Spirit speaking to you?
  2. Are there ways that you have blamed the devil instead of your own sin for things that seem to be going wrong in your life?  (marriage, work, relationships, etc.)
  3. We learned that prayer is a wartime walkie talkie connecting us to the general when we are on mission. We are all called to bear fruit and to make disciples in our own communities.
    1. Where is your mission?  Name some people you know who need to hear the power of the Gospel?  *This can be a great opportunity for your life groups (i.e. battle comrades) to encourage and hold you accountable on mission.
    2. How are you praying for them?
  4. What prevents you from praying? How have you in the past viewed prayer as an activity rather than a place?
  5. If prayer is about relationship, how is your relationship with God going?  Do you find it joyful to pray, to worship or to meet with Him?
TALK-IT-OVER-BREAK (talk about this phrase and how it makes you feel, think, pray):  Rony said that “We don’t pray so that God will desire to be in relationship with us.  We pray because through Jesus, God has already gone to the greatest lengths imaginable (the cross, resurrection and giving the holy spirit) so that we could be in relationship with him.”
  1. How has God revealed to you that he is able to answer prayer? (bible promise, bible story, personal testimony)
  2. What “seemingly unanswered” prayer has caused you to question these four eternal truths about God?
    1. God is Great… so I don’t have to be in control
    2. God is Glorious… so I don’t have to fear others
    3. God is Good… so I don’t have to look elsewhere for my satisfaction
    4. God is Gracious… so I don’t have to prove myself to others, or even to God.
Julian Malotti