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Promises of God

Promise that our Faith will be tested

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Life Group Questions

Announcement #1 There is still room in the men retreat. It will cost $50 (all meals included), we will meet at church 6:30pm on Friday, carpool to Julian, stay there for about 24hrs, and return Saturday about 8pm.

Announcement #2 – Plan a hang out with the life group for next week. Instead of meeting to discuss the questions, do something fun, that promotes unity and fellowship. Eating together, and talk about life is a great way to promote closeness. Finish up praying for one another, and call it the night.

  1. Did you bring your notes? Do you have something that God revealed to you Sunday that you would like to share?
  2. Read Matthew 7:24-27 and talk about it with the group. Ask “What is God revealing to you in this passage? and How can we put it in practice in our lives?”
  3. Read James 1:2-5 and James 1:12 and also talk about it. (Like above)
  4. Trials reveal God’s qualities to us in a deeper level(comfort, provision, love, mercy,…), it also reveals the quality of our faith, and it gives us an eternal perspective. Ask the group how trial do these 3 things? (Examples are Job, Joseph in Egypt, and disciples in boat when Jesus calms the sea)
  5. Can you share with the group a time when a great trial ended up being a great “blessing in disguise”?
  6. Are Christians immune from the big problems in life? (Talk about Job, Joseph in Egypt, Jesus, 10 of the apostles that were martyred for their faith in Jesus, Stephen in Acts 7:54-60, and the Apostle Paul’s “thorn in flesh” that was a physical condition (2 Corinthians 12:7-10) – Read these passages with the group to dig deeper the issue of trials in life)
  7. Share prayer requests, break in groups, and pray for one another.
Julian Malotti