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Life Group Announcements 
  1. Life groups that eat together weekly are reporting great success and saying that the community, the friendship, transparency… are built way faster than before. If your group does not do so, try to coordinate a weekly potluck. The meeting still should not last longer than 1.5 hours, (longer meetings discourage people to come back in the following week) so eat together the first 30 minutes, then talk about the material the group is going through (Sermon, the book, …) Then pray together. The guideline suggestion is: 30 minutes eating, 45 minutes talking, 15 minutes praying. But this is not written in stone, it is just a guideline to help your group grow in community, love, grace, knowledge, …
Life Group Questions
1.     What did the Holy Spirit say to you through the sermon?
2.     Read Matthew 2:1-18.  What jumps out to you the most through this passage of scripture?
3.     Herod responded to the birth of Jesus with fear and hatred because he was scared to loose control.  In what ways are you afraid to let go of control to God?  What is the underlining presumption in our fear of letting control over to God?  (For example, do we believe that we will be worse off giving God control)
4.     We read the Pharisees and Scribes/teachers of the Law were indifferent to the announcement of the birth of Christ….simply because they didn’t believe it.  How does our lack of faith limit the gift of Christ’s birth?   For instance, Christ came that you may not only be free from sin but be His ambassador, His priest.  Do you honestly believe this is true or do you respond with indifference to this claim?
5.     How is the example of the Magi a model for us to follow?
6.     How can grow deeper in response to Christ birth in preparing for this year of celebration?
Julian Malotti