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This is My Year

We are called to be second. To help and to serve those around us

By January 27, 2020April 20th, 2020No Comments

Life Group questions:

Bible Verses shared Sunday: Philippians 2:5-7, Mark 10:42-45, John 13:12-17

1. Have you ever been through a season where you were doing fine or even excelling in earthly success, but still didn’t feel fulfilled? Explain.
2. In what ways have you observed power getting to someone’s head or corrupting them? How can you use your influence to help others?
3. What goals do you have to help others succeed? Who needs your help or guidance right now?
4. Pastor Kris mentioned that John Paul II said that Mother Teresa was able to be at the service of others because she talked to God and contemplated the life of Jesus. What can you do to make talking to God and contemplating Jesus’ life more of a pattern in your life?
5. Does serving others always produce positive or comfortable results? Describe a time when you helped someone else, but didn’t see a positive outcome right away? How can you still love and help people even when the “results” are not always positive or comfortable?
6. Have you been wanting to join a serving team at church but have been putting it off? Why? If you’re ready to join a team, who can you talk to about it so that you get the ball rolling?
Julian Malotti