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Life Group Announcements

  1. Baptism BBQ is coming up soon on September 30th. If you would like to be baptized please contact pastor Julian. (Please share your testimony of baptism, or have someone do it. A lot of people are intimidated and do not feel ready to be baptized. Tell them that the only requirement is that they got saved, nothing more)
  2. Women’s retreat is coming up in October 13-15. The cost is $130 with 2 nights and 5 meals include.
  3. (To Life group leader only) This is week 8 of 11. In 3 weeks feel free to take a break from meeting if you will to rest and recharge.
  4. (To life group leader only) A great to connect with your group is eating together, so feel free to do a potluck or go to a restaurant as a group to eat, have fun, and get to know each other.

Life Group Questions

  1. We read Acts 9:10-20.
  2. Ananias had a vision from God where God called him. What was his response?
    1. (Help to leaders: Ananias did not dismiss it, he talked to God)
  3. Our lack of faith can stop the work of God from happening in our lives, and the work of God through us to other people’s lives. Talk about faith and how it is key in the Christian walk.
  4. God gives clear directions to Ananias. How many times do we feel lost and just do “guess work” instead of continue to pursue God for His direction.
  5. Ananias was asked to do something scary to him. Let’s talk about a time that God asked you to do something scary or you didn’t want to do or felt awkward about it. (Like pastor Julian’s papaya story)
  6. Many times God does not give us the whole plan, but He will reveal to us the next step. Do you remember a time that God clearly gave you the next step, but not the whole plan? How did that work out?
  7. Saul went from murderer to preacher in a few days. Let’s talk about the work of God in our character (sanctification) versus the work of God through us. Does one come firs than the other, or do they happen simultaneously?
Julian Malotti