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Life Group Announcement

  1. The women’s retreat starts this Friday. If you are still interested text “WR” to 619-536-0006

Life Group Questions 

  1. Go around the room and ask a few people to define good communication. “What is good communication?”
  2. Did you ever think that communication is a skill that we all need to grow in continually?
  3. How do you communicate? Are you a bullet point kind of person or a dissertation? What about your spouse, boss, or roommate. Are they long winded or bullet points?
  4. What kind of adjustments do you have to make when communicating to people that does not communicate like you do?
  5. What kind of assumptions long winded people make when talking to bullet point people? And vice versa?
  6. Talk about communication timing. When is it a bad time to talk to people? etc…
Julian Malotti