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By April 12, 2016No Comments

Life Group Announcements

Life Group Questions (1 Kings 19:1-18)

  1. When Elijah was discouraged the Lord asks him to get up and eat in verses 5 and 7. When we are feeling discouraged and down we have to remember that there are 3 aspects of being a human being, we have a body, a mind, and a soul/spirit. We need to feed and nurture all these 3 dimensions of being alive.
    1. Question: How do we take care of our bodies
    2. Read 2 Corinthians 10:5 and Philippians 4:8 – How do we take care of our minds?
    3. How do we take care of our Spirit (Reading Bible, praying, worshipping, fellowship,…)
  2. Mental illness (like depression and anxiety) is real . Do you remember when mental illness was a tabu subject in the church? if so, can you please explain? (note to leaders: In the past if you had depression you were not spiritual enough)
  3. How as Christians we should we help people with depression, anxiety, or any mental illness?
    1. Notes to help life group leaders: We need to be loving, not judge, and pray for them. Counsel them to not to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, ask them to see a medical professional so that the doctor can check their bodies, then if there is nothing wrong with their bodies (like a lack of a vitamin or mineral), then they need to check with a psychiatric doctor to check their chemical balance. Ank keep on checking in and praying for and with the brother / sister to help them as much as we can.
  4. Talk about also the abuse of psych meds in our generation, and how it seems like doctors can be too quick to prescribe an addictive psych medication especially on kids. As Christians we should have a balanced approach; We do not want to over spiritualize and say that every illness is an attack from the enemy, but also we do not want to go to the other extreme that is to cover every issue we have with psych meds. Let’s talk about this balanced approach to issues and challenges.


Julian Malotti