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Impact Babylon

Daniel 7 – Jesus is returning

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Facilitator, you know your group the best. Choose to go as deep as you want with these questions, read the room & choose the best course of discussion. It is entirely possible that God will stir up a discussion that is not found in these questions. You don’t have to answer all of these questions together. It’s not an assignment to complete
Make sure to pray together before you start, and invite the Holy Spirit to lead your time together. It’s possible that there are more questions to be answered here then you will have time for tonight. Select the ones that you think will be the most productive for your group.
Impact Babylon – Week 8
Scripture Context: Daniel 7
  • Can I make an impact, as a citizen of heaven, in Babylon?
Q1: The validity of Scripture
  • Written by eyewitnesses who had the accountability of other contemporary eyewitnesses.
  • Scientific & archaeological findings
  • 1500 years of writing time, no contradictions
  • Fulfilled prophecies stand as proof
***Julian, I threw a few links together real quick for resources for the group leaders.
It might also be good to throw out a list of quick facts for them to share with their groups in relation to historicity, authorship, manuscript validity…whatever floats your boat
Q2: The main theme of Daniel chapter 7 is looking ahead to what God is going to do, & He is very specific with Daniel about the kingdoms that would come & go, while still pointing toward His glory & victory. We see:
  • The restoration of the Kingdom
  • – What does a restored kingdom mean to you today?
  • Since Jesus came humbly, and He is coming again with bold authority, what does this tell us about our God & His heart?
Q3: Read about the glory & authority of God that we see in Revelation 11:15-19.
  • Does seeing the victorious end and the revealing of the glory of God encourage you? Why?
  • How can you live daily with this reminder of victory & the promise of His authority as a present thought?
Q4: Read about Jesus’ authority in laid out in Daniel’s vision in 7:13-14. Daniel got to see ahead to what is coming, just like we know that Jesus is returning!
  • Read it again & Listen
  • Read Matthew 28-18-20
  • Read it agin & Listen
  • What do you hear that’s good?
  • What do you hear that hard?
  • What do you learn about God?
  • What do you learn about us?
Q5: Read Daniel 7:18
Pastor Julian was excited when he was talking about this very direct promise from God for His people. Even with the things that might appear fearful to us hanging out in the future, wars/the antichrist/uncertainty, we still have hope far beyond these events.
Read this verse again, out loud & as a group
How does the hope of Christ stand out to you in the face of difficulties?
How does this promise help you look beyond them with certainty & strength?
Closing prayer time:
How can you pray for the impact of your group? What can you all do together to impact our community?
Julian Malotti