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Impact Babylon

God uses our hardships for the benefit and salvation of others

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Facilitator, you know your group the best. Choose to go as deep as you want with these questions, read the room & choose the best course of discussion. It is entirely possible that God will stir up a discussion that is not found in these questions. You don’t have to answer all of these questions together. It’s not an assignment to complete
Make sure to pray together before you start, and invite the Holy Spirit to lead your time together. It’s possible that there are more questions to be answered here then you will have time for tonight. Select the ones that you think will be the most productive for your group.
Impact Babylon – Week 7
Scripture Context: Daniel 6
  • Can I make an impact, as a citizen of heaven, in Babylon?
Q1: What was Daniel’s “secret of success?” Daniel was trustworthy, there was no corruption & he had a daily relationship with the living God.
  • How does a trustworthy character & a faithful lifestyle give us an advantage as Christians in the workplace?
  • How can we develop a trustworthy character?
Q2: The king, Darius, fell for the pressures from his leaders. He was giving away the control of his life & his authority to others.
  • How does peer pressure affect you today
  • Where does it come from? What is at the root of this pressure?
  • Can you name a time where you or someone you know overcame peer pressure & saw the victory & blessings of being faithful?
Q3: Read Hebrews 10:19-25 together, listening to the heart of God & His desire for His children’s hearts. Read it once to listen & a second time to understand.
  • How do you see God directing us to encourage each other?
  • How does a positive approach, rather than guilt/pressure change how you receive direction?
Q4: Hardships are refining our faith! Read 1 Peter 1:6-7, try using a few different translations, listening to what is said here. Let’s be real, when life is easy, we pray less. When life is heard, we pray more. We are being refined by fire in those moments. God is using those moments to grow & mature us.
  • Can you share a “refining” story from your life or share a testimony of these seasons in the life of someone you know?
Q5: Vengeance belongs to God. Remember how the king took care of the men that falsely accused Daniel of wrongdoing. God took care of Daniel’s reputation & He saw justice done.
  • Why do we want to have vengeance on others?
  • Whose lessons stick better? The lessons we give or the lessons God gives?
  • How would an attitude of forgiveness & grace change your own heart & make a lasting, positive impression on someone you might want to “teach a lesson?”
  • How will forgiveness free you today?
Julian Malotti