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God is better than you think

God Enjoys You

By July 9, 2018July 10th, 2018No Comments

Life group Announcements

  1. Kid’s camp is next week. If you can take 1 or a couple days off and volunteer, that would be great. If not, please put on your calendar to pray daily for it. Pray that kids would be saved and touched by the love of God.

Life Group Questions

  1. Anyone has any testimony about the goodness of God you would like to share. (This could very well become a night of testimony. If so, let it flow)
  2. Let’s Read Proverbs 8:27-31. And let’s talk about the flow of delight. Jesus is the one narrating this section of the Bible, and he says that (v30) he was filled with delight in God’s presence. And Jesus rejoiced in the creation of the world and delighted in mankind.
    1. God not only loves us but He delights in us. He likes us and He enjoys us.
    2. Question: How good is it to know that God likes, enjoys, and delights in YOU. Every single one of you. What does knowing this do to your heart?
  3. Pastor Bill mentioned that we are not created to be dutiful workers of God, we were made to enjoy God, and for God to enjoy us. And everything we do should be out of the overflow of this love relationship.
    1. Question: Let’s talk about the difference between serving God out of duty, versus serving God out of hearts that want to serve God by serving others, motivated by love for this awesome God we love.
  4. In Luke 15 there are 3 parables (The lost coin, the lost sheep, and the lost son) Let’s talk about the infinite value that each person has in God’s eyes.
  5. Pastor Bill mentioned the gospel from God’s perspective. That He so didn’t be separated from us that He gave His life to be reunited with us. Let’s talk about it
  6. Pra for each other, and start praying for kid’s camp and always pray for the protection of every person that comes to OB One and our pastors and staff.


Julian Malotti