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God’s grace and Achan’s sin

By February 19, 2018No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. This is the last week to register for the women’s retreat
  2. Burn 24/7 – 8 hours or prayer and worship on February 24 from 10 to 6pm

Lifegroup Questions

  1. What is at least one thing in your life that may be competing with the promises of God?

  1. Joshua’s first reaction to the defeat at Ai was to be frustrated with God and to blame Him. Do you agree that it’s easy to blame God because He’s supposed to be in control? What’s a better approach to our times of defeat, hardships, obstacles, etc.?

  1. Achan wanted to take with him the very things that God told him to leave alone because it was going to curse the camp of Israel and get in the way of God’s victory for them. What are some things in your life that God wants to deliver you from, and that He’s telling you to leave behind, but you are tempted to take them back to your camp?

  1. How could these things that you are tempted to take back with you going to potentially hinder your experience of His power and victory for your life?

  1. Achan says in Joshua 7:21 why he stole the things that God told him to not touch. He says that he looked, saw, and coveted the material goods. What are some of the world’s things that catch your attention and seem more attractive than the promises of God for your life?

Julian Malotti