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The Walls Came Down

By February 11, 2018No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. Family Movie Night on February 17th. The movie will be “Cars 3”. From 6 to 8pm
  2. Women’s Retreat in coming in March 2-4. For more info and to register

Life Group Questions 

  1. If you took notes Sunday, or remember by heart, what was the lesson you learned from God Sunday?
  2. Read Joshua 5:13-15 and let’s talk about the answer Joshua received. “Neither,” he replied, “but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.” that God is for himself. That He wants to be the leader, not the follower.
    1. How many times we decide on something then we ask God to bless it. The order should be inverted. We come to God first, pray for direction, and allow HIM to lead, and we should follow HIM, and not the other way around. Does this make sense? if so, how?
  3. Read Joshua 6:1-5. Let’s talk about the battles in our lives are God’s battles. Just like David saw Goliath way smaller than God, Joshua saw the walls were nothing to God. Knowing this we can live life with peace, joy, and trust, cause when hard times come to us, we know, that the battle is the Lord’s. What are some of the battles you are going through that you think is yours and the Lord is saying, “it’s mine”?
  4. God brought judgment to Jericho through the Israelites. God’s people in the old testament were instruments of God’s correction and punishment. Now, since Jesus took all the judgment and punishment on the cross, we in the new testament we are instruments of freedom, Joy, peace… Instruments that bring new life and hope. Let’s talk about this difference.
  5. God asked them to go around the walls 7 times. It teaches us 2 things:
    1. We need to follow God by faith even when He is aking us to do something that does not make sense.
    2. We need to be persistent in obedience until God brings His blessings.
    3. Let’s talk about these
  6. Pray for each other
Julian Malotti