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Good News! Everything is about to change

Good news on top of Good news – John 14

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Life Group Announcements

  1. Women’s Breakfast is next Saturday here at OB1 from 8 to 9:30. If you would like to help with the setup email Lu @ Setup will begin at 7am.
  2. OB Kids Sports Camp is July 10-14 and we need volunteer leaders. If you can help please email Christina@

Life Group Questions

  1. Did you take notes Sunday? If so what is 1 thing that you would like to share with the group that you felt God was speaking to you?
  2. In these verses Jesus is comforting the disciples. Why does God allow us to go though hard times? (Leader hint: To grow our faith, to grow our character, and to use us to comfort others)
  3. Read John 14:1-4 and talk about the good news found in these verses
  4. Read John 14:5 and v8 and talk about how Thomas and Phillip had questions and doubts and they brought it to Jesus. Talk about how we should not allow our doubts and questions to pause our journey with God.
  5. Read verse 12 and talk about the importance of us representing Jesus on earth now.
  6. Take at least 15 minutes to open up for prayer request. Ask people “In a few words, how can we pray for you?” We don’t want to spend 15 minutes “sharing” and 1 minute praying.


Julian Malotti