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Life Group Announcements

  1. Guy’s weekend is this Friday. Guy’s will be meeting at church 6pm, the convoy leaves 6:30. There is still room for you if you are interested. Simply register online to receive the emails with all the info, and show up at church Friday by 6.
  2. Starting Point starts in 2 weeks. The first day will be Thursday February 25 at the church’s family room. This is a 12-week class for everyone who is starting their faith journey with Christ. Register online if interested.

Life Group Questions 

1.     How did the sermon speak to you?
2.     Read 1 John 4:19.  If our love is merely a response to God’s love then understanding how God loves us is crucial to us growing in a passionate love with God.  What do you think God thinks about you on your worst days? Why?
3.     When the Pharisees were upset that Jesus was spending time with sinners He told them 3 parables in response to their attitude.  Read Luke 15:1-10.  What was Jesus trying to teach the crowd in these first two parables?  Do you believe Jesus loves not just the world but you specifically?
4.     Read Luke 15:11-20.  We read the Father ran to the son and had compassion on him.  Do you feel as though God looks at you with compassion when you?
5.     At what point did the Father run to the son and when does God run to you?
6.     Read Luke 15:21-24.  What was the first thing the Father did when the son came home in repentance?  Why is that significant?  And how is that relevant to us?
7.     Read Luke 15:25-32.  Why was the older son so upset with the father (God)?
8.     What was the meaning of the father’s response to the older son and how is that relevant to us?
9.     Which son do you relate to more, the older or younger?  Why?
Julian Malotti