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Life Group Announcements 
  1. Plan a Christmas party with your life group.
  2. Life Group Season ends next week, then the group should take a 2 – 3-week break. Just communicate with your group your plans.
  3. This week is the last week to bring your “Angel Tree” toys to the church
Life Group Questions: Making the Christmas Connection Part II
1.     How did the sermon speak to you?  What was the Holy Spirit saying?
2.     In Isaiah 8:19-22 we read that in the midst of severe darkness and despair the nation of Israel was seeking out the mediums and spiritist for guidance and hope.  In the midst of dark times what are some things you find hope in?
3.     Read Isaiah 9:1-7 and John 1:1-5.   What are the promises of God in these passages?  How were they intended to bring hope?  How is this related to Christmas?
4.     Read Isaiah 9:1.  In this passage God promises a new honor for the Galilee of the nations (Gentiles).  What is that honor and how does it come about?  For more insight read John 1:9-13.
5.     Read Isaiah 9:7.  What is this promise and how does it relate to our lives and Christmas?
6.     Spend some time praying for one another.
7.     Pray specifically for Pastor Johnny’s family and little girl Evelyn as she is undergoing testing
Julian Malotti