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Life Group Questions
1.     How did the Holy Spirit speak to you through the message?
2.     Read Isaiah 7:1-17.  In Isaiah 7:4 God is encouraging King Ahaz to not be afraid or lose heart and to be calm and careful.  This is because King Ahaz was surrounded by three enemies.  What is the message that God wanted to send King Ahaz?  How is that relevant to your life and the birth of Christ?  Think about how Ahaz must of felt and how this is similar to how we feel in the midst of trials. 
3.     In verses 7-9 God tells Ahaz that He has a plan but does not give Ahaz the details.  But rather gives a warning that He has to stand by faith in God’s plan.  In what way are you being challenged to stand by faith in God’s plan for your life?
4.     Why does God give King Ahaz a warning in Isaiah 7:9 that if he doesn’t stand by faith he will not stand at all?  How is that related to the birth of Christ and our walk with Christ?
5.     Read Isaiah 7:10-17 and Matthew 1:23.  What was the purpose of the sign of the virgin having a child?  Why did God tell Ahaz and us the prophecy?  How is that relevant to our walk with Christ?
6.     God said that the Child will be called Immanuel, which means God with us.  What does that mean to you?
Julian Malotti