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Luke 16: A Response to urgency

By September 14, 2015No Comments

Life Group Announcements

  1. Guy’s weekend in Julian is coming up in less than 2 weeks. (Life Group leaders, please do your best to go, and encourage the men in your group to go also.) Register online, the cost is $60 with transportation, 1 night, and 3 meals included. Pay at the OB One cafe by check. Scholarships are available. (If you need scholarship, simply register online and check the box that says “I need scholarship”.)

Life Group Questions 

1.     How did this sermon speak to you?
2.     Do feel as though there is a sense of urgency to further God’s kingdom?  Why or why not? 
3.     If you do feel there is a sense of urgency how does that urgency affect your lifestyle or actions?
4.     Read Luke 16:1-9 and Matthew 10:16.  Here Jesus commended that dishonest servant because of his shrewdness.  Talk about what it means to be shrewd spiritually speaking. 
5.     Read Luke 16:8.  Jesus says the people of this world are more shrewd than the people of the light.  Do you agree with Jesus?  Do you feel you are more shrewd in building your own kingdom here on earth than building God’s kingdom?
6.     Read Luke 16:9.  Here Jesus says to use worldly wealth to be welcomed into eternal dwellings.  What does Jesus mean?  How does that practically look?
7.     Are you shrewd with your money for God’s kingdom?  If so how and if not why?
8.     Read Luke 16:10-15.  Here Jesus explains why we are to be so shrewd for God’s kingdom.  What are Jesus’s main points?  Why does Jesus say we are responsible to act so shrewdly?  Do you agree or disagree?
9.     Take some time and pray about how you can live with a greater sense of urgency for God’s kingdom and surrender one key piece of your life to God and live more shrewdly.
Julian Malotti