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OB One wants to help you in this challenging season

By April 2, 2020April 20th, 2020No Comments

Hello family! We read every one of your survey answers and we want you to know that we prayed for you.

Besides praying, OB One wants to help you during this challenging season. You may be asking, “How?” I am glad you asked.

Thanks to your faithful and generous giving, we set aside $2,000 to help you or someone you know. We will be buying 40 $50 gift cards to help 40 families

There are 3 ways that you can be a part of this 

  1. You can be a part of it by receiving the help God is providing you through your church
  2. You can help someone you know that is in need
  3. You can participate by giving financially. 100% of the money we receive for this cause will be added to the $2,000 the church is already giving away.

How is this going to work 

  1. Just email us saying
    1. “I would like to receive a gift card” or
    2. “I have someone that can use this help, please send me a gift card so that I can give it to them”
    3. “I want to give money to this cause” (After emailing us, go to the giving portal and make your donation.  We are asking you to email us first before sending your donation so that this  donation is not mixed up with our normal general funds giving)
      1. Here is the LINK to  the online giving portal CLICK HERE 
  2. We are limiting 1 gift card per family (So that we can help as many families as we can)
  3. If you need one gift card for you, and also know someone that needs it, you can get 2. One for you, and one to give away
  4. The email address to request the gift card is giftcard@
  5. We will be emailing the e-gift cards by the middle of next week
  6. For more detailed information just watch the video above.

We love you guys and we are so proud that we can BE the church to one another and BE the church to the people around us.

Have a blessed weekend! Stay healthy, enjoy your loved ones.


Pastors Julian, Kris, and Eddie

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Julian Malotti