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Pillars: The Identity of God – Part I

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Life Group Announcements:

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Life Group Questions:

Preacher: Pastor Julian Malotti
The Intention of God’s Creation
Sermon Series: Pillars

  1. Pastor Julian started the sermon out be reminding us one big truth (a “pillar of faith”) in the Bible which is this: We were made by God and for God (Col 1:16). This seemingly “small” reminder can change our whole attitude about life because it confirms that you have a purpose on this earth.

    How do you think your joy, peace, and purpose in life is impacted if you believe you were an accident? Or, if you think you were made by God but just not for Him?

  2. How you view God (either good theology or bad) will impact your behavior. For example, if you view God as only a punisher, then you’ll begin to live in fear, especially toward God; your motives for loving/obeying Him become wrong.

    If you feel comfortable, share with the group some testimonies of maybe a time where you viewed God as a punisher and how that impacted your approach to Him. On the other hand, what are some testimonies where you chose to view God correctly and how that helped your situation.

  3. One of the main focuses of this sermon series is to debunk the popular lie/myth that God is a grumpy/angry force in the sky ready to strike everyone down every time they mess up in life. Instead, we should believe the promises that God is good through and through and that He cares and loves us like the Father He is.

    Why is it so tempting to believe that God is an angry punisher instead of a good God? If you feel comfortable sharing, go around the room and personalize this. In other words, share with your group why you think you believed at one point that God was out to get you? Was it because others were out to get you? Maybe you were out to get you? If you’ve been delivered, what are some tips you would share with someone else who’s struggling with this mindset?

  4. All throughout Scripture we see that God’s faithfulness endures forever, not for a very short time depending on how we act. The reality is, we tend to assume God is going to treat us the way we would probably treat someone else or the way others have treated us.

    What are some testimonies of you experiencing the faithfulness of God? Especially in a time where you thought He might not actually come through? What was your response?

    Related Bible Verses: 

  • Psalm 100:1-5 (Main text)
  • Colossians 1:16 (Supporting verse)
Julian Malotti