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Removing barriers so that people would see Jesus for who HE is

By March 9, 2020April 20th, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions

1. Have you ever been upset at how someone represented Jesus? Have someone’s actions in front of others made you embarrassed to be associated with Christianity? Were you someone or do you know someone who stayed far from Jesus for a time because of His so-called followers?

2. What are some modern examples of what happened in Acts 15:1-2, and how do we sometimes make it hard for people to accept the good news of Jesus?
3. Are you ever shocked or angry when others don’t live by the values of Jesus? If so how do you respond? How does your response differ if someone doesn’t yet follow Christ vs if you know they are already a Christ-follower?
4. Do you tend to be too hard on yourself or on others, or both? What are some actions that help you to be patient with progress?
5. Have you ever been the barrier that kept someone from Jesus? How have you removed barriers for people to come to Jesus? Have you ever been the barrier that kept yourself from Jesus? How have you removed barriers for yourself to come to Jesus?
6. What is your reaction/response to this quote? “If your experience with Christ has left you with more guilt and less joy, then you found religion, not Jesus. Religion shackles and binds. Jesus releases and frees. Religion can bring guilt and shame. Jesus brings forgiveness and joy. Religion is about what you do for God. Jesus is about what God did for you.” Anonymous
Julian Malotti