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Steps I can take to take action for the one

By November 15, 2020No Comments

LIfe Group Questions

  • What do you believe God wants?- 2 Peter 3:9, Romans 10:1

    • How can we use our lives to make His desires become reality?
    • One of the big things God wants is for everyone to be saved. What causes you not to act on behalf of others?
    • What did God wait for on your behalf so you can be saved?
    • Do you need to ask for a greater passion or for more action?
  • Share my story
    • How do you share your story with outsiders of the faith?
    • How can you make conversations about Jesus gracious and attractive?
    • If you’d like a tool that will help you share your story simply and effectively go to this link-
  • Make the ask- Luke 14:22-23
    • Who is one or more people you can invite to church?
    • Do you feel personally rejected if someone makes an excuse not to come to church?
    • What do people say to you that gives you an open door to bring up faith? (i.e.- Don’t feel prepared for life, things aren’t going well, I’m not from around here, I’m open to spiritual things)
  • Pray for the one (Romans 10:1)
    • Who are you praying for?
    • What do you hope God will do?
    • Who’s your one?
    • Who’s your next one?
Julian Malotti