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Life Group Questions

1. How did the Holy Spirit speak to you though this sermon?
2. Read 2 Corinthians 8:9 and Philippians 2:5-7.  If we are to do what Jesus did what does that look like in our life?
3. Read John 6:1-15.  Why did Jesus test the disciples?  What was He hoping to accomplish?
4. Talk about a recent time when God asked you to do something that was beyond your ability and resources.  How did you respond?
5.  What can we learn from Philips response?  By whose strength and resources was Philip looking to?  And to whom does God want us to look to?
6.  What did Andrew finally do that the other disciples did not?  How is that relevant in our lives?
7.  Talk about what holds you back from surrendering everything over to Jesus.  How does that barrier align with God’s promises?  (For example, are you allowing the fear of not have enough prevent you from surrendering…)
8. Why is it important to start where you are at not where you will want to be?  How can you begin to make an impact today?

Julian Malotti