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Life Group questions

  1. Did you feel the presence of God Sunday? If so, how? Or, Did you hear the voice of the Spirit Sunday? If so, would you like to share? (Friday night someone felt heat as someone prayed for him for healing; Someone else felt an unexplainable overwhelming presence of God’s love,… We want to OB One to learn to feel and hear The Holy Spirit of God) – This a testimony time of what God is doing.
  2. How did the story of the Samaritan woman speak to you and your life?
  3. Read John 4:1-10.  The woman saw Jesus as her enemy and a bother so she was about to miss out on God’s blessing.  The rich ruler in Luke 18 had the same problem and he did miss out.  First, how has God called you according to scripture and do you view God’s call upon your life a burden or a privilege?
  4. Read John 4:11-14.  Here we read the woman did not believe that Jesus could fulfill His promise because she could not see a “bucket.”  How is this similar to your walk with Christ?
  5. Christ explained that the water He is offering is living water not water of the ground.  Do you find yourself expecting Christ to give you the things of the world?  Talk about the balance between Christ’s provision and unhealthy expectation of Christians.
  6. Read John 4:15-26.  Here we see the woman begins to argue theology and social culture with Jesus.  What did the woman have to do in order to receive the gift of Jesus?  How is that relevant to our walk with Christ.
  7. Spend some time praying for one another.
Julian Malotti