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The Heart of God

The Heart of God: Psalm 23

By October 27, 2013April 21st, 2020No Comments

Psalm 23 Life Group Questions

This is week 4 of 10 for Fall Season. Remember you may not have time to go through all these questions, and that is OK. Feel free to go over the questions you find more relevant to your group at this stage.

ANNOUNCEMENT # 1 ( It’s a 1 Life / Life Group EVENT)  November 19 and 20 we will not be discussing the sermon, we will be meeting at the church in the same night we have life group. We will be packing shoe boxes to be sent overseas as a Christmas gift to unprivileged kids. Start buying things you want to ship, and involve your kids in this project as much as you can. Start praying and inviting your 1 life, friends, and neighbors to join us in this project. LG Leaders Please read information on our website on the following link to be able to answer any questions the group may have. Feel free to email Julian if you have any questions.

ANNOUNCEMENT #2 – Start planning a Christmas party in your group. Assign a “party coordinator” to help you. Make it something fun like a potluck, or dessert and coffee, preferably in someone’s home. This party can be in the last week of life group (week of December 9) or in the first week of break (Week of December 16). Ask the group which week works best, and start planning to end the year with great unity. (This could also be a great opportunity for everyone to invite their 1 life/friends and neighbors)

  1. Did you take notes Sunday? If so, can you share 1 point or 1 Bible verse that God most spoke with you Sunday. (Then feel free to go around and talk about each point/Bible verse that is shared. Encourage group participation by asking something like “What you guys think about this point/verse that was shared?”)
  2. Ask 1 person to read Read John 10:11-21 and another to read Psalm 23. Which verse speaks to you the most and why?
  3. How does this Psalm align up with your concept of God?
  4. Verse 1 of Psalm 23 says that we shall not be in want/need. Spend some time pondering “I shall not want.” Do you experience this phrase as an invitation, a challenge, an impossibility, a rebuke…? Why?
  5. Spend some time pondering this question: is Jesus enough for me? Why/why not? Be honest with your answer, listening for God’s response to you.
  6. Psalm 23:2 says God will lead us to green pastures. What does green pastures look like to you practically? Is that lined up with what Jesus is offering? Are you trusting in God to lead you to Green pastures or do you think the world is offering “Greener” pastures?
  7. What are the paths of righteousness in which God is seeking to guide you?
  8. What does the presence of God mean to you? What difference does God’s presence make in how you view and interact with your circumstances? How do you deal with life differently when you lack the sense of God’s felt presence? Why?
  9. Do you feel as though God has been there for you in the midst of the dark valleys? Why or why not?
  10. What difference does it make to you that God promises you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever? Is this promise for everyone?
Julian Malotti