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Foundations of our Faith

Having Victory over our natural inclinations

By November 13, 2016No Comments

Life Group Questions

  1. What are you learning from God in this stage of your walk with Him?
  2. What have you learned Sunday from the message? Did you take notes? If so, what is 1 thing you felt God was talking to you?
  3. We learned 4 things from the Bible this Sunday.
    1. God sometimes asks people to go back and say sorry to the people they wronged in the past, just like Jacob did to Esau.
    2. Vengeance is not God’s way, but forgiveness is
    3. When we mess up, we do not run from God, but we run to God.
    4. We do not need superstition, religious symbols, etc… all we need is a relationship with God to satisfy our spiritual hunger.
  4. Which one of these 4 topics is the most relevant in your life now, and why?
  5. Let’s talk about the benefits of forgiving versus holding a grudge.
  6. Pray for one another.


Julian Malotti