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Questions for Life Group

  1. Read Colossians 4:2-6. Who took good sermon notes and can name the “4 Privileges regarding Proclamation”.
    Note to leaders: Preaching 2. Persecution 3. Perspicuity 4. Practice
  2. Let’s look at Col 4:3 – “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message”
    1. What does an “open door” refer to? (Opportunities).
    2. Has anyone ever experienced God opening a door for you to share the Gospel?
    3. Why did Paul find it necessary to have people pray for “open doors” to share the Gospel?
    4. What would happen if we started praying for each other, that God would “open doors” for us to share the Gospel? Does anyone what to find out?
  3. Why should we consider Proclaiming or Preaching the Gospel to be a privilege?
    1. Read 2 Tim 4:2 & Matt 28:19-20 (It is an act of Obedience)
    2. Read Romans 10:13-15 (It is how sinners will get saved!)
  4. Let’s read Col 4:3 again.
    1.  Where is Paul as he is writing the letter to the Colossians? (Prison)
    2. Has anyone ever been persecuted for sharing the Gospel?
    3. How is it a privilege if you get persecuted? (Matt 5:10-12 – your reward is in Heaven)
  5. Let’s read Col 4:4 “Pray that I may proclaim it clearly as I should.” The third privilege mentioned was Perspicuity.
    1. a. Can someone define Perspicuity? Yes, speaking in a way that makes the information clear and understandable.
    2. b. Has anyone ever tried to share the Gospel and made it way more complicated than it is?
    3. c. What are the essential parts of the Gospel we should share to make it clear? (Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection 1 Cor 15:3-4 – and man’s response Mark 1:15; John 3:16)
Note to leaders:
  • (God is sovereign over the means and the ends. Or another way to say that is, God is sovereign over who gets saved and how they get saved. At this time, God has chosen to use His people to get His message to the world. We as Christians are God’s method to get his message to the world! This is the most important mission we will ever have and we get to actively participate in God’s plan of salvation)
  • (Regarding Prayer – similar answer to salvation. At this time, God has chosen to accomplish His will through prayer. We get to know God in the Bible and in Prayer. God will continue doing His will through people who pray.) If you want to be apart of what God is doing, we must Pray and Proclaim, that is His Means being used to accomplish His Ends.
Julian Malotti