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Life Group Questions

Note to leaders: Please feel free to write your own questions on Sunday, or while you take notes Sunday write down the topics you would like to talk about with your group. (Things that God spoke to you Sunday). You know your group better than us, so feel free to bring up the topis that are more relevant to what the group is going through.

  1. When you hear that God loves you and LIKES you, and that in your worst days you are adorable to HIM, how does that hit your heart? And what a difference life can be if we live life NOT in the performance mentality, but in the “I am a child of God” identity?
  2. We learned that the Holy Spirit of God is our helper, and when we are anxious, impatient, … and hitting a wall, it’s because we are trying to do life in our own strength and wisdom. In doing so we give away God’s peace. How true is this in your life and How is the Holy Spirit your helper in times of anxiety?
  3. We heard that in this Oneness with God we can experience God’s peace, and that there is a way to live life without giving away our peace (The peace of God in us). How good of protector of God’s peace in your life are you? Or do you easily give away God’s peace in your life?
  4. When we feel lost and overwhelmed we learned to: 1. Be still in the presence of God, 2. Worship, praise, thank God as we get in His presence, 3. Ask “God, what do you want me to do right now?”. Have you tried handling life this way? If so, would you share your experience with the group?
  5. Spend some quiet time listening to God, then practice the supernatural by asking “Did God put a Bible verse in your heart for you to share with the group?”, or “Do you sense that we need to pray for something specific that God just showed you?”, or “Did anyone have a vision from God that you would like to share?”
Julian Malotti