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Foundations of our Faith

How to End Well

By September 26, 2016No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  • Life Groups should be in a 2-week break. If you did not take a break, plan a break for next week. Or you can plan just a hand out like a dinner party potluck style, or a BBQ. Encourage people to invite their friends to these hangouts. Life groups should be about God and the church family (Up and in), and also about God and the unchurched (Up and out).

Life Group Questions

  1. How did you encounter God this week? How is He speaking to you? What are you learning from Him?
  2. What did you learn Sunday that you felt like God was speaking to you loud and clear?
  3. Sermon summary (Fee free to summarize it to the people that were in church Sunday)
    1. Abram and Lot parted ways – Learned how to end well in the different seasons of life
    2. Lot chose the plain based on looks and ended up next to Sodom. He did not look beneath the surface
    3. King Melchizedek reminded Abram that all his victories came to him because of God and Abram worshiped God by giving 10% of his earnings from winning the war.
  4. Do you remember a season in life that you ended well and one that you didn’t? Would you like to share the contrast of the two and what have you learned from each?
  5. DO you remember a time that you chose something based on looks and on the surface (like Lot) and ended up being a wrong choice?
  6. Let’s spend some time sharing with one another at least 5 victories the Lord has granted to you in your journey with Him?
  7. Pray for each other
Julian Malotti