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Pillar # 5 – We are called by God to make this world a Brighter place

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Life Group Announcements

  1. Easter is next Sunday at 10 am (Single Service) at the OB Elementary Baseball field across the street. Invite family and friends and bring $7 per person for all you can eat Tacos.
  2. There is still room in the Mexico house build 3-day Missions trip. To register go to

Life Group Questions – Pillar #5 – Making the world a brighter place

Scripture Context: Matthew 5:13-16

Question 1: Our identity _is_ Salt & Light for the world

  • When was a time that you saw God bringing salt & light into your circumstances?
  • When have you seen God using you to bring salt & light for someone else? (We are salt shakers.)
  • How does the enemy try to lie to you about your personal role as salt & light?

Question 2: Light brightens others

  • Do you see the difference between evangelism as a blame game vs evangelism as a pointing out the bright points in someone else?
  • How have you seen it done well, bring those God-flavors and God-honoring light into someone else’s life?

Question 3: God’s Not Dead

  • Tell a story about a time where you saw God show up in someone’s life to completely rework a situation.
  • How have you seen God revive a ‘dead’ relationship? A wounded heart? A broken marriage?
  • Bonus question: how did you see people who didn’t know God affected by this change? How did they get a taste of God through the situation?

Question 4: The Call & What You’ve Received

  • How has the salt of God & the light of God, that He has poured out on you, been just the right thing to pour on someone else you know?
  • In other words, how have God’s blessings on you been meant for others, too?

Question 5: “Give and it will be given to you.”

  • How do you see God preparing you now, -today- to be a salt shaker?
  • What is He pouring into you today?
  • Who is He using to pour into you?
Julian Malotti