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Red Letters

Red Letters: Blind Spots

By August 10, 2015No Comments

Life Group Questions for Avoiding Blind Spots

1.     How did this sermon speak to you?  What jumped out at you?
2.     Pastor Joe said that we all have blind spots in our relationship with God.  What are some of the blind spots God has revealed to you in relationship with Him?
3.     Read John 9:1-12.  What was the disciples blind spot?  How do you see this relevant in your life?
4.     The neighbors refused to believe in the miracle even though they knew the man who was blind.  Their lack of faith in miracles prevented them to experience the power of God.  Has a lack of faith been a blind spot in your life?  If so, what can you do about it?
5.     Read John 9:13-16.  The Pharisees refused to believe in Jesus because He did not fit into their religious box.  Pride was their blind spot.  Has pride been a blind spot in your relationship with God?  If so in what ways?
6.     Read John 9:18-23.  What blind spot did the parents have?  Have you experienced this same blind spot?  How do you overcome it?
7.     Do you believe God can and wants to do miracles in your life, in the life of your family?  Take some time and pray for one another, asking God to move miracul
Julian Malotti