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Red Letters

Relational Therapy

By August 3, 2015No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. Keep praying for VBS volunteers, kids, and families
  2. Once a month every life group is having a  “friend day” potluck / BBQ. A “Friend Day” is a party that the group throws to invite the”unchurched” friends we all have to come to it. The point is to have all our friends hang out with the people from the church to show them that a life following Jesus is awesome. Pray for 2 or 3 friends, then invite them to it. This will keep the vision to reach thousands and impact millions “one potluck at a time” (Emphasis added by pastor Julian 🙂 

Life Group Questions

  1. Read Mark 4:13-20 and give a 5 minute synopsis of the sermon Sunday (This brief explanation will bring everyone in the group on the same page, specially for those that did not come Sunday)
    1. We all can be all 4 types of soil at one point in life. 1. The hard soil when we build up walls, and when we harden our hearts to God and others. 2. The shallow rooted one that gives up on God in times of trouble, or when we are running away from committing to god or to His church; 3. The plant that gets chocked by worrying to much about the things of this world; and 4. The soil that gives a lot of fruit.
  2. Let’s talk about all 4 soils.
    1. v15 – Talk about the hard soils and the walls that we sometimes put up. (Wall of forgiveness, walls resentments, walls of not believing in God and His word, walls of confusing God’s goodness with a bad experience in a previous church.)
    2. Talk about the shallow soil. When we give up on God in times of hardship. It is funny because we come to God when we were in trouble, He rescues us, bless us, then in a time of hardship we bail on Him. Do you see the contradiction? (Bring up James chapter 1 verses 2-4. That God uses trials to grow us. And it may be worth explaining the difference between hard times that we deserved, versus undeserved test of faith.)
    3. v18 – The plant that grows among thorny  bushes. Worries of life and deceitfulness of money chokes the plant. In other words when we make money our God, and the true and living God comes second or just becomes a “genie God” that is supposed to give us more of our “idol”.  Was there a time in your life that your faith dwindled because of other pursuits? If so, what did you learn?
    4. v20 – Good soils that gives fruit. These are the people who hear the word, accept it. Meaning they hear the Bible and follow it. The result is a crop = blessing.
Julian Malotti