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We Serve because His Family Serves

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Life Group Questions

  1. Ice breaker Question: How do you respond to stress? What are your physical reactions? Your emotional reactions? What is your favorite stress reliever?
  2. Context: Let’s Read Mark 3:20-35
  3. How do you see Jesus’ example with His own family in Mark 3? How does He honor the Father here? How does He help us understand family better? (V.35)
  4. Read Ephesians 6:7-8 – How do you feel about the word ‘reward’? What does it mean to you in this context?
    How can we understand our reward better? Where do we find our reward in Christ today?
  5. How have you seen family at work in your life beyond blood relationships? How do you see family at work at OB1?
  6. What has your role been so far with OB1? How have you seen roles shift within a family as time passed?
    How have you seen God do that in your life or in others?
Julian Malotti